Sheila Darling & Bill Johnston, acoustic music for body & mind.

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Diary Notes 2022: In reverse order so most recent posts are the first seen:

18th January 2022: Sheila swam, Bill posted TT sketches, played concertina for a couple of hours. (Found some 'new' tunes to explore.the boiler is playing up (again). The Museum of East Anglian Life will be transformed into the National Museum of Food in March, not sure what effect that will have on its involvement with local folk events.

17th January 2022: Sheila discovered social media posts of Mike G and Caleb H, (our next door neighbour, local historian), discussing whether Ipswich is the oldest town in England. Bill swam, East Suffolk Morris practice tonight. Sheila at the first of ten weekly ballet sessions this afternoon. George Sansome is in Aldeburgh readying for a creative retreat. Nice post of an O'Carolan tune on his FB page. 'Early Scottish Ragtime' by Vic Gammon and friends, find of the day following a trail from  'The Whole Hog or None' from Jackie Oates and John Spiers 'Needle Pin,Needle Pin' CD. Irony: Morris practice cancelled as the hall is double booked. i) even as regular patrons the other booking takes priority ii) one less fee to pay, hence the earlier canvass to defer practices for a month, if we can't make up a side for the requested bookings, we can't pay for the hall iii) alternative activity for this evening is a social meet up at the Sorrell Horse, (Barham), first step in the slippery slope towards becoming an elderly gentleman's drinking club in a couple of years. Only Connect, 8pm BBC2. Sheila set up her new wi-fi enabled wildlife cam, first trial outing this evening.

16th January 2021: Brighter weather. Lazy Sunday. Hadleigh FC have published a provisional programme which runs until June: Feb    4     Maggie & Stan / The Medlars,
Mar    4     Phil Lyons / RoswellApr     8     FRENCH NIGHT ,   May 13     Elly Tree / Oka VangaJun    3     False Colours /  David & Alison FennerJul     8      Tony Winn / Na Mara. Hopefully correct as the header says 2019-2022.  Also  On y va French & Breton dance club Tuesday 18th Jan Riverside Centre, Stratford St Andrew. Val and Simon Haines playing and Phil Lyons joining them to teach some dances. Refreshing that local folkies retain their mojo and enthusiasm, we are unlikely to travel a quarter of a mile for a local session this evening! Bill made it to the Duke of York session , half a dozen players, one other customer, mainly tunes. Enjoyable. The Everyman website needs updating as the club is also hoping to open again for a couple of evenings this year.

15th January 2022: Sheila gym, Bill visited Ashley, Nat and Jasmine who disclosed that their family is due to be enhanced by the arrival of a new member in July. Great news. Otherwise a grey day. 

14th January 2022: Sheila pacemaker Mot and check, all ok. Bill swim and tidy up TT tune so far. More work needed. Listened to latest 'Folk on Foot' with Kathryn and Mike Tickell.

13th January 2022:  Bill working on TT tunes, to relatively little effect. Took car to carwash, annual. Refreshed a few songs.  Sheila working. The 'Bernie H' correspondence is closed. Bill has dropped out and it is up to Bernie whether to respond.

12th January 2022: Bill/Sheila swam. Mick R is hosting the Wednesday singaround this evening, (Bill has apparently been tardy with his reply.) A request from EAst Suffolk Morris whether to defer practices for a month has been met with a gale of enthusiasm to continue on schedule, hopefully those concerned will feel equally enthusiastic to turn out for fetes and fun-days in the summer to pay for the practice hall! Sheila ordered a plant yesterday which arrived today! Bill received his new lead for headphones kit from China, and miraculously, managed to fit it, now needs an extension lead , ordered from ebay, cheap as ...... Also need some more solder, the last roll only lasted twenty years! New TT tune is a Willie Clancy pipe tune. Academic debate whether 4/4 or 12/8 can be left to those who understand these issues and consider them important. Not sure what the attraction of the tune is, lots of repeated notes and triplets. Zoom singaround, good fun, we played 'Woman Be Wise', 'The Snows They Melt the Soonest', 'I know my babe' and' Another Train'. 

11th January 2022: U3A Melton Coach and Horses: well attended and very enjoyable. (Whisky in the Jar (Bill), Woman be Wise (Sheila), Maggie in the Woods and Salmon up tails (both). Bill posted this week's TT tune, Dribbles of Brandy. Recieved an unsolicited message on FB asking whether Bernie H played bass with a particular Liverpool band in the 50's, (probably 60's). Amazingly , he did. The inquirer had found a very old entry on this page mentioning that Glenn R played drums in Bernie's band. Bill is 'piggy in the middle' at the moment holding for more info/contact details to pass to Bernie then drop out.

10th January 2022: Bill/Sheila's  swimming schedule is unusually and temporarily synchronised. Sheila cooked for friends and family confined by covid isolation, (without contact). Bill knoodled and thought about the Anglo afternoon. Sheila working on new fiddle tunes. Not thought about U3A tomorrow, maybe in the morning. Bill's swimming goggles arrived, hopefully watertight. we'll see on Wednesday. East Suffolk Morris consulting about the practice schedule, whether to defer for a month. Most responses want to dive straight in again, hopefully they will turn up on the night!

9th January 2022: Sheila helped Max source a reel to reel tape recorder. Bill finished reading ‘Troubled Blood’  by Robert Galbraith aka JKRowling. A brick of a book and excellent. This afternoon Bill joined Roger D’s monthly Anglo group. Delighted to play music again with these friends, (six of us this afternoon, two apologies). 

8th January 2022: estimating for painting the exterior of the house.  Wet and windy. Sheila practised fiddle, Bill tunes for tomorrow and exploring David Surette's music, (he has recently died, but a phenomenal guitar and mandolin player, in a duo covering 'Grateful Dead' material so floats Bill's boat all ways. Apparently has had cancer for six years so not a victim of the current malaise.  Guitarist friends, a worthy find, he was also a John Renbourn fan, again sadly now lost..

7th January 2022: Each swam. Bill ordered some swim goggles as his eyes suffer from the pool chemicals, (Sheila had passed some on but poor seal makes them ineffective.. Sheila changed the strings on her 'morris' fiddle having broken two at the New Year's Day dance out. Bill found a new 'I' tune, but will probably not post it. Comes from a Gavin Atkin tutorial via a FB concertina post. Good tune, 'The Ideal Schottische'. 'Da Slockit Light' has been added to Sunday's playlist, (possibly Margerette's request.).

6th January 2022:  Bill started on TT tune. Pretty Grim practice cancelled for Sheila.

5th January 2022: We each swam, (public/posh). Bill picked up a Louise Penny novel in a charity shop Woodbridge. The new TT tune is 'dribbles of brandy'. Will have a go tomorrow. Otherwise uneventful, no music.

4th January 2022: Hadleigh Folk Club cancelled for this Friday, next date 4th February. Whittlesea Straw Bear cancelled, Bill enjoyed listening to an hour's interview and music with Wizz Jones, who makes no claims to fame but was incredibly influential as a guitar icon and mentor to many that do! If you have an hour to spare on cold cancelled evenings. Also catching up with Martin Taylor's 2019 album of instrumental love songs on classical guitar and struggling through Anglo tunes for Sunday's meet up, (more hope than expectation, either that it will go ahead, or that the tunes will come. Strong musical personalities in the group will determine speed and style and probably take no prisoners even if it does). Watched 'I'm Your Man' Leonard Cohen tribute concert on Sky Arts, excellent.

3rd January 2022: We each swam at respective posh/municipal pools. Bill popped in to see Nat and Jasmine, Ashley is working! Bill stitched together YT videos from Saturday's dance out and posted them to the three dance groups. Sheila gardened. Hadleigh Folk Club is confirmed as 'on' for Friday. Margerette sent dots for one of the hard to find tunes for Sunday's Anglo meet up. Roger's abc notation of the tune as he plays it. Sheila booked tickets for Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2022. We have been once before and enjoyed the weekend.

2nd January 2022: Sheila walked, gardened and took Hannah to buy her Christmas present. Bill sorted through some of the tunes Margarette had specified as played at the Anglo afternoon next week, quite a challenge, some not findable. Also posted Theme of the Month to Melnet, and psocessed some of the dance videos from yesterday. One of the hardest tasks for the year sorting the audio. We decided to brave The Woolpack session as we knew it would be sparsely populated, five of us managed to find a couple of hours of common ground on tunes interspersed with occasional songs. Kept the flag flying and engaged a few drinkers interested in the instruments and material, except we apparently have to learn ‘come on Eileen’!
1st January 2022: Happy New Year: Sheila's turn to play for Pretty Grim  at the annual, (missed last year) dance out at Snape Maltings with Barley Brigg and Danegeld. A similar format to previous years starting just after noon and finishing after 2pm, (with some people obsessively reluctant to cede space and desist when both dancers and audience are tired and past their best. Ever twas).Sheila broke a string on her violin and learned the hard way to carry spares, (Miriam kindly lent her one pro tem).   We tried to find food, venturing to Aldeburgh where the queue for Fish and Chips was 100 yards long with other venues competing for similar attention. We came home and Bill cooked curry. 'Dr Who' was derivitive and dire. Bill caught up on local gossip with friends, some only seen on this occasion.